Rotary Guest Speaker Describes Groundbreaking Cancer Research

Pictured above with Dr. O’Shea (center) are Coronado Rotary President Kevin Rugee and Program Chair Orit Ostrowiak.

The Coronado Rotary Club welcomed Dr. Clodagh O’Shea, an Associate Professor in the Salk Institute’s Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory. Dr. O’Shea is at the forefront of researching cutting-edge technologies to design synthetic viruses and other genetic devices that are controlled and able to selectively target cancer cells. Each time a virus infects a cancer cell and multiplies, the virus kills the cell by bursting it open to release thousands of viral progenies, which go on to target other cancer cells. Synthetic viruses designed to lock onto and rupture cancer cells while leaving normal cells intact could result in a novel cancer therapy with virtually no side effects.

Dr. O’Shea spoke about this innovative and groundbreaking research at a recent Rotary luncheon meeting.

Dr. O’Shea is among the first recipients of a grant from the Faculty Scholars Program, a new partnership of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Simons Foundation for early career researchers whose work shows the potential for groundbreaking contributions in their fields. Dr. O’Shea is one of 84 Faculty Scholars who will receive $100,000–$400,000 per year over five years to support their pursuit of innovative research.


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