CUSD Maintenance Worker Alleges Discrimination and Harassment

Frank Preciado, a Coronado Unified School District maintenance worker for 23 years, has filed a complaint against CUSD and his supervisors.  He is seeking special damages in an amount in excess of $25,000.00, exact amount to be proven at trial:

PLAINTIFF was employed by the DISTRICT as a maintenance worker for approximately 23 years and was forced to retire June 30, 2017. PLAINTIFF was subjected to discrimination, harassment and retaliation by the DISTRICT, including but not limited to, his Caucasian supervisors, Superintendent Karl Mueller, Assistant Superintendent Rita Beyer, and Director of Maintenance and Operations, CARLSON, based on PLAINTIFF’s race/national origin (Hispanic with Mexican origin), age (63), perceived disability regarding his artificial hips known to management, and for his reports of improper and unlawful conduct by CARLSON and others to Human Resources and the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent in February an March 2017. 

PLAINTIFF was further harassed and retaliated against after he reported unlawful conduct by his supervisor CARLSON to Human Resources, the Assistant Superintendent Rita Beyer, and Superintendent Karl Mueller, and after he sought help from the Union regarding his selective denial of overtime hours and being ordered by CARLSON to do custodial work not within his job description.

The entire complaint can be viewed here:   Frank Preciado v. CUSD / Karen Carlson

More information will be added once it is released to the public.

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