National Preparedness Month

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Submitted by Marv Heinz

September is a National Preparedness Month. With all the pictures we see in Coronado of the flooding in Texas and the devastation of Hurricane Irma, we can be thankful that we are spared harsh weather. However, disasters can still affect us. Earthquakes, wildfires or a fire or flooding in our home can change our lives. We should all take some time this month to make sure we have prepared for an emergency.

Make a Plan for Yourself, Family and Friends


Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community

  • Learn skills you need to help yourself (example: Coronado Fire Department CERT Classes).
  • Maintain adequate savings for use in case of an emergency.
  • Participate in an emergency drill.
  • Know how to contact your neighbors.
National Preparedness Month
image: FEMA

Coronado is a great place to live and we have excellent Police and Fire departments. However, in a large emergency, our small public safety force will be very busy. Every citizen needs to be prepared to help themselves and their neighbors for a few days. Make sure you know basic first aid, keep food and water on hand and watch out for your neighbors.

Together we can all keep Coronado Marvelous!

Marv Heinze


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