Danzarts to Perform Pasos y Palmas at Coronado Performing Arts Center

Pasos y Palmas is a family friendly theatrical performance for the Danzarts Children’s Academy where inner city children, ages 3-12, are trained in the cultural dances: Ballet Folklorico and Flamenco. Pasos y Palmas will be performed on Saturday, July 15 at the Coronado Performing Arts Center.

Currently, Danzarts has 60 enthusiastic children at Sherman Heights Community Center with 45+ on the waiting list for the dance classes. They are raising $12,000 for a costume for each of them and those cost on average $250-300.

Patricia Casey, the Creative Director, was coached at the crème de la crème Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez and brings the same technical precision to Danzarts’ two professional dance troupes, Sabor Mexico & La Esencia and the Danzarts Children’s Academy. Sabor Mexico has performed and been honored by the San Diego Padres, performed in the largest Cinco de Mayo Old Town celebration and won a coveted spot in the San Diego Symphony’s “Your Song, Your Story” a few years back; while La Esencia performed for the Mayor’s inauguration and other high level galas and corporate conventions.

2009 was the birth of Danzarts in San Diego. Since then, Patricia and her staff have taught a multitude of classes with students from all over San Diego. Unlike other nonprofits, Danzarts is made up of a majority of non-paid volunteers, and it is a second part time venture for Patricia after her full-time job.

Monica Ferraro is the volunteer marketer that provides support in promoting the classes and performances. She says, “I was ecstatic when the San Diego Symphony selected them for the four site cross county show and also when they were selected to perform ‘main stage’ for the biggest Cinco de Mayo show in San Diego at Old Town. “

Monica’s daughter, Gabriella, started dancing at three years old with Ms. Patty at Memorial Junior High School in Logan Heights. Her daughter Daniela is now the teacher at Sherman Heights Community Center teaching several classes of children 3-12 years of age. When they become proficient and as they move up in age, Patricia transfers them to the teen classes.

The great thing about Danzarts is that a student can start dancing at three and develop their technical skills to eventually become part of the two professional dance troupes: Sabor Mexico and La Esencia. Some like Ms. Daniela are both dancers and teachers. Danzarts is now in an expansion mode and looking for qualified teachers to meet the demand of the current wait list. The annual Coronado performance is to continue funding the growth of the Danzarts Children’s Academy.

Currently, Danzarts is interested in creating a San Diego Hispanic Cultural Arts Center with culinary, music, arts and dance training courses for children and adults. They have spoken with David Alvarez in the past and hope to find sponsors for the Danzarts Children’s Academy and financial backing for the bigger dream of the SDHCAC located in Logan Heights near Chicano Park. Contact Patricia Casey, Creative Director at 619.846.9272 or patricia@danzarts.com to find out how you can help make this community dream a reality for the children and a destination for regional cultural enrichment!

The two professional dance troupes will continue to perform at high level events in San Diego and travel to sister city locations to bring San Diego to the rest of the US.

Danzarts hopes to fill the theater for the July 15 performance!


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