Update: Main Gate at NAS North Island Now Open After Bomb Threat

North Island Navy Gate Closed
NASNI Gate Closed Due to Bomb Threat. Credit:  The Coronado Times

1:30pm Update:

Navy officials have reopened the main gate of Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) after clearing a car at the center of a bomb threat incident today.
At approximately 5:00 a.m., a Navy petty officer approached the main gate at NASNI in her personal automobile, telling the gate guard that she feared a bomb might be in the trunk of the car.


Base Security immediately secured the scene and coordinated with Coronado Police and NCIS to investigate the validity of the threat.

Naval Base Coronado (NBC) takes all threats very seriously and evacuated the area in the vicinity of the main gate, including the NASNI Child Development Center. The children and staff were evacuated to another area of the base to be reunited with parents.

Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal and a Military Working Dog unit were called in to assess the vehicle. No evidence of a bomb was present in the vehicle or on the Sailor’s hands or person.

“We take every threat seriously and use the security procedures that we train to to assess and eliminate those threats,” said NBC Commanding Officer Scott Mulvehill. “In incidents like this morning, the partnerships we have with civilian authorities are invaluable. We were able to work closely with the mayor of Coronado and Coronado Police to redirect traffic and maintain a safety corridor so that our experts could do their jobs safely and efficiently.”

“I understand that this incident caused serious traffic delays throughout the community,” said Mulvehill. “And I appreciate the community’s understanding of the time needed to investigate a bomb threat.”

The Sailor is in custody and the incident remains under investigation.

11:37am – The NASNI gate at 3rd and Alameda is now open.

Naval Base Coronado press conference 10:45am April 20, 2017.

UPDATE from 10:45am press conference:

An individual said there may be a bomb in their car.

The individual was detained and security perimeter was set.

Explosive ordnance is still on the scene.

The interior of the car has been reported clear. We’re having difficulty getting into the trunk of the car and doing this safely takes time.

No residue was found on the individual’s hands or person.

We have no reason to believe that this has any link with terrorism.

Out of an abundance of caution, we moved children from our center to another location. The children are being reunited with their parents at this time.

We take all threats seriously and we appreciate the city’s patience with us as we investigate the validity of this threat. We train for situations like this and it showed as we’ve worked very well with the Coronado Police Department and Mayor Bailey.

We will continue to share information as it becomes available.  Watch entire press conference below:

A bomb threat was received at the NASNI main gate this morning. Investigators are on-scene assessing the credibility of the threat.

Sailors and staff are asked to call in to their commands before heading in to work today.

The NASNI main gate is closed until further notice but the First St and Ocean gates are open.

We appreciate everyone’s patience.

NBC-NASNI Main Gate is closed due to law enforcement activity. All traffic is being rerouted to the Ocean gate and carrier gate.

Source:  Naval Base Coronado

To view traffic cameras near Coronado Bridge, click this link (be sure to select “cameras” under the options dropdown):

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