Sunday, November 27, 2022

Community Voices: Prop E – Yes, Sell off School Property – No

I have been reading both sides of the Prop E debate. I am amazed that some opponents of Prop E would suggest the School District sell of the property it owns at the old Glorietta School site. They also complain about mismanagement. Selling this property off would DEFINITELY be mismanagement and I am happy that has not happened. The property is on long-term lease to an assisted living home. BTW, the only assisted living home in Coronado. So let me get this right, the opponents want the CUSD to sell the property and displace these seniors off the island? Really? Now, in reality, this would not happen as the facility has a long-term lease. This lease severely reduces the price at which the property could sell for to around $5-6 million. Lets assume $6M. If the district
banked the money, they would receive around $300,000 a year. But they are currently receiving $240,000 a year with annual escalators. So within a few years, the rent would be higher than the interest received and the School Still owns the property and the equity. Sounds like GOOD management to me.

And as for the Pool, I think all would agree it did not materialize they way the supporters expected. However, it is now receiving NO MONEY SUBSIDY FROM THE DISTRICT. It stand on its own, finally. So calls to “fill in the pool are ridiculous at this time. Also, using the pool as a reason not to support Prop E is equally ridiculous given that it no longer receives any subsidies. BTW, when the City rebuilt the municipal pool, it reduced the size. There is no room for the aquatics program anymore there.

I have lived in Coronado for almost 50 years. I went K-12 here and my kids use to go here. I no longer have any kids in Coronado Schools but YET I SUPPORT PROP E. It’s the right thing to do. I have faith Coronadian’s will see through the opponents smoke and mirrors and do the right thing for Coronado, for the Schools and for the kids.

Buzz Fink

CHS Class of ’79

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