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Bravo Media Greenlights Coronado for Next “Real Housewives” Installment

Bravo has selected Coronado as the next location to film The Real Housewives of Coronado (RHOC). This is the first time Coronado (and residents) will be featured in a TV reality series. Bravo Media’s VP of Production, Lirpa Sloof, shared: We are thrilled to start filming in Coronado and showcase the unique personalities of ‘island housewives’.

The women will represent a slice of Coronado that will include the following backgrounds: a military spouse, a second-generation Islander teacher, a recently-relocated Arizona retiree and a few more surprises. caught up with one of the RHOC participants, Elsie Hammond:

It was surreal when I got the call to be on the new series. Usually it’s my daughter who gets a message to go to LA for things like casting calls. I’m excited even though my husband doesn’t know it, yet.

The producers are still confirming the rest of the cast members. However, the other two ladies that are confirmed are wonderful, adventurous, and intelligent women. I think we’re going to get along just fine. But of course, as we all know, all the other RH shows like Atlanta and Beverly Hills are not known for their lack of drama.

Stay tuned for more details to be released in the coming weeks. The first episode is expected to be aired in May 2014.

Photo: Elsie Hammond jumping for joy after being chosen for the Real Housewives of Coronado.


Let us know what you think about this “Coro-Drama” to be showcased on national TV in the comments below.


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