Meet Mandy Nankivel of Garage 36

    Looking through the August edition of Woman’s Day this year and you can spot a piece on a woman dedicated to designing and restoring furniture. This woman is none other than Coronado resident Mandy Nankivel, creator of Garage 36, a business run out of her own garage. With the help of The Rosie Network, an organization dedicated to promote military spouses, she found herself in the pages of the much-celebrated magazine talking about the unique pieces of furniture she creates for eager clients.

    Mandy moved to Coronado in 2007 but soon found herself, and her family, in Germany for three years on her husband’s military orders. The family, including Mandy’s husband and baby boy, was able to return to the island in June 2011; less than a year later, she began to refurbish furniture.

    Mandy began by finding run-down pieces from craigslist or thrift stores before she restored them in her garage. Originally she put these in her house or sold them, but soon her work, like this beautiful blue hutch seen below, caught the attention of friends and the community. People began to request custom-made refurnishing, either from furniture found by Mandy or for a pre-owned piece. Customers range from giving very specific appeals to allowing Mandy to offer ideas and inspiration.

    When asked what her favorite piece was, she informed me that it was the bright yellow dresser from her Woman’s Day article and the photos seen in the Women’s Day article. Recently, she completed a dresser with a coral paint she crafted herself by mixing various colors.

    While she loves the work she’s put into Garage 36, she enjoys being given more freedom in the pieces she creates, including designing her own colors. Mandy aspires to one day open a shop for Garage 36, filled with her own imaginative work (and paint!).

    Make sure to check out her blog here, filled with before-and-after pictures of her work, her favorite blogs, and details about her custom work!

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