Over 600 Local Teens Screened for Heart Abnormalities at CHS Event

    Last Sunday, Coronado High School hosted a free teen heart screening event, checking over 600 students for heart abnormalities that could potentially lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). With the help of 100 volunteers the event found 11 teens with heart abnormalities and 8 at risk for SCA. Additionally, the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation received the most donations from the CHS screening event than it had at any other location, and the most media coverage it has ever received.

    A special thanks should be extended to Connie Martinez and the Health Occupation Students of American (HOSA) students she advises for working at and promoting the event. The history department and Spanish teacher Samantha Silverman at CHS also allowed their classrooms to be rearranged for the event and deserve gratitude along with the numerous volunteers who potentially helped save so many lives.

    Check out the previous original post for the heart screening here!

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