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Have you ever noticed that the bad, the selfish and the irresponsible women seem to grab the media’s attention? The good ones, on the other hand, the women who help others, who always do the right thing and seemingly at the right time are most often overlooked by the media. Anne Kaine is one of the good ones, one of those who truly care, one of those who expend tremendous effort in working for the less fortunate. If there are common agreements among her many friends, co-volunteers, and admirers, it is that she is one of the best women they know. Anne has spent a lifetime helping others, from her early days as a volunteer church organist to her current volunteer positions. She is the Vice President and co-founder of the Golden Rule Society (GRS) charity. Beginning in 1972, she has assisted in directing the GRS efforts to help children in all 50 states and more than 15 other countries. Anne, like all senior staff and advisors, is a non-paid volunteer. In addition to her recent nomination for the L’Oreal Corporation’s worldwide “Woman of Worth Award”, Anne has been the proverbial “mover and shaker” in GRS. She has taken center stage as one of the tacticians and innovators and is widely recognized for her many efforts in Golden Rule Society’s extraordinarily successful achievements which benefit children, churches and charities, nationwide and worldwide. And if that wasn’t enough selfless service to others, for more than six years she has been deeply involved in the worldwide sisterhood “Philanthropic Educational Organization” (PEO) as they help young women to further their education. In addition to her other services, she has been an active volunteer with the Children’s Home Society of California for more than thirty-five years, helping children throughout the state. Along with that, she’s a manager of Coronado’s Episcopal Church Thrift Shop helping to raise money for the needy, and assists in conducting the responsibilities of the church’s Altar Guild as well. Len Kaine, president of GRS, readily admits that Anne should have been included as a recipient of the many accolades and awards which recognized his numerous achievements with GRS. A few of these include:
· Nobel Peace Prize nomination—2003…one of 150 people in the world so nominated that year.
· “President’s Life Time Achievement Award for Volunteer Service” Medal pinned on by Senator John McCain—–2006
· President’s annual Volunteer Service Award; Gold Medal and Citation for his charity work—2005 Community Spirit Award from Kiwanis International—2003
· Placed on the National Role of Honor in Washington , DC —2002
· “Hero Award” for his charity work from New Vision, Inc.—2001
· Contention for the “Extra Mile Award” in Washington D.C. (similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame)—2005
· Accolades and letters of commendation from numerous State Governors—2003
· Letter of Commendation from the Under Secretary of Defense (Director of Youth Activities) —-2002
· “Thank You!” certificates from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Chief of Naval Operations—2002
· Multiple proclamations from the Mayor of Coronado, CA for Golden Rule Society Week (Annual 4th of July event)
The old adage, “behind every successful man is a wonderful and supportive woman,” is very true in Len Kaine’s case. The many accomplishments Len and GRS have been associated with are possible in great part due to the support, and the dedication of his wife Anne, the love of his life for five-decades. This is one woman whose years of benevolence and giving should not go unrecognized by the media. The nomination for the “L’Oreal corporation’s worldwide Woman of Worth Award” seems quite appropriate! Len and Anne Kaine, along with their Advisors and volunteers are helping thousands to be more successful in life. Visit their site to learn more about how they can help you, just as they are helping children, churches, charities plus so many others.
CONTACT: Nori Watts Volunteer Secretary Golden Rule Society 619-437-4422

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