Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Community Survey Open for All Residents to Participate, Through April 16

The City of Coronado’s biannual scientific community survey is now open for all residents, even if a mailed survey was not received.

The City launched its 2024 scientific community survey on March 5, 2024 and mailed invitations to 3,000 households which reflect the demographic composition of the entire community. The biannual resident survey is an important tool used in identifying priorities that will help provide guidance into important policy decisions. The City’s survey administrator Polco is conducting the survey.

Now the community survey is available for all residents to provide their feedback on city services and quality of life in Coronado. The open participation survey runs through April 16. The questions in the open survey are the same as in the scientific sampled survey. However, if a resident has received a survey invitation in the mail, they should complete that version (and access the survey using the URL provided in the mailed materials) rather than responding to the open participation survey.

To participate in the open participation survey, residents should go to the ProjectCoronado.org website and click on community survey 2024 under Active Projects (https://www.projectcoronado.org/community-survey-2024). Once all the questions have been answered, residents will be asked to provide their ZIP code to confirm where they live. This information is optional and allows the city to ensure they are hearing from each person only once and to see which general area of the city respondents live in (responses will remain anonymous.)

This is the fourth time Polco (formerly known as National Research Center) has administered the resident survey for Coronado; the first was conducted in 2014. The final report on the 2024 public opinion analysis will be shared with the City Council and the community in June 2024.

if you did not receive a mailed version

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