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CHA Celebrates 2023 Fall Internship

The Coronado Historical Association (CHA) proudly announces the successful completion of its 2023 Fall Internship in partnership with Coronado High School (CHS) and the Coronado Arts Commission (CAC). The program brought together a dedicated group of high school students who embarked on a unique journey to explore and showcase the rich history of Coronado through a creative project — historically-themed wraps for utility boxes.

Under the guidance of Internship Supervisor Will Steinfield and a team of volunteer experienced instructors, the interns delved into the intricacies of historical research and journalistic writing. The projects culminated in the creation of proposals for visually appealing wraps that will adorn Coronado’s utility boxes, serving as a testament to the community’s vibrant past.

(L-R) Sophia Hodges, Kristen Ereno (Coronado High School), Rebekka Siqueiros, Jasmine Lo, Deb Kaller (Coronado Arts Commission), Mason Deane, Griffin Wong, and Will Steinfield (Coronado Historical Association).

The interns demonstrated a commitment to the program’s objectives and worked to research and write articles to be featured in Coronado Magazine about their projects. CHA Education Committee Chair Sally Perley expressed her appreciation for the interns, stating, “The dedication and enthusiasm of our interns have truly made this internship a success. Their hard work and passion for history have produced remarkable results.”

Throughout the semester, the interns engaged in a variety of activities, including learning research techniques, exploring primary and secondary sources, and conducting local research at CHA’s Research Center. Each step of the way, they were guided by experienced instructors such as Claudia Gallant, Vickie Stone, Kathy MacDonald, Sally Perley, Margarita Rhodes, and Chris Clarey.

The projects not only provided valuable insights into Coronado’s history but also offered a platform for the interns to share their findings with the wider community. At the end of the semester, the interns presented their final projects to Coronado Arts Commission representatives, CHA volunteers and staff, their families, and CHS staff. The presentations were a culmination of weeks of hard work, showcasing the interns’ dedication to preserving and promoting Coronado’s historical legacy.

CHA extends its gratitude to all partners involved, including our volunteer instructors, Coronado Arts Commissioners, and Coronado High School. The success of the program would not have been possible without their collaboration and support.

The Coronado Historical Association looks forward to future collaborations with Coronado High School and continuing its mission to preserve and share the rich history of Coronado.


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