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“The Upstanders” Screening – Jan. 18

"The Upstanders" is a year-long film program about kindness, respect, resilience, and the power of connection to end bullying.

In collaboration with Coronado High School and Coronado Middle School, Safe Harbor Coronado will host a special movie screening of “The Upstanders” at the Coronado Performing Arts Center (CHS auditorium) at 6 pm on Jan. 18 to foster an open dialogue between parents, students, and community members. This event will feature the 56-minute film followed by an informative panel discussion with school counselors and administrators. All community members are welcome.

To register go to safeharborcoronado.org/upcoming-workshops/p/movie-night. Registration is not required, but encouraged.

The Upstanders” delves into cyber-bullying, showing the perspectives of those who bully, their victims, and the trauma of the bystander. Woven through this film is a very personal, first-hand account of a family’s tragic loss that inspired new legislation to turn the tide against this concerning issue. True stories are featured alongside scientific and medical research, along with strategies to empower communities to stand-up against bullying and think about simple actions to perpetuate a culture of kindness.

The film features in-depth interviews with families who have lost their children to cyber-bullying related suicide, and experts from prestigious institutions including Stanford University and Child Mind Institute in NYC.

Through its experts, the film explores:

  • The science behind cyber-bullying
  • Why kids are afraid to admit they are cyber-bullied and signs to watch for
  • Best ways to support your cyber-bullied child
  • How to realize if you are harboring a cyber-bully
  • How the community can show resilience and power to end bullying

iNDIEFLIX Group Inc is a global education and streaming service that promotes and supports social impact films to create positive change in the world. The Safe Harbor movie screening in 2022 for Angst was also brought to Coronado from this group.

Join us for this movie screening

To watch a trailer or learn more visit impactful.co/upstanders.

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