Sunday, June 23, 2024

Semester 1, Year 2 at EF Academy Pasadena has Wrapped!

The first semester of EF Academy Pasadena’s second year has officially wrapped. Students from 26 countries have made their way safely home for winter break, and now the campus reflects on the many initiatives we launched this semester and the programs we’ve grown.

EF AcademyThis semester, we have recently launched our Innovation and Impact program, begun a robotics team, put on our first play, created our first competitive sports teams, and our first senior class has submitted their college applications.

In EF Academy Pasadena’s second school year, we have created a new signature program, Innovation and Impact! This program allows students to put hands-on learning into action and practice their design thinking to create a project surrounding a UN Sustainable development goal. Our student groups have started strong by researching the effectiveness of reef-safe sunscreen, creating a bike rental program from their peers on campus, and working on hosting a flea market on campus for local community members and students.

EF AcademyThis upcoming spring semester, we look forward to our robotics team joining their first competition. The robotics team has been diligent about their forthcoming competition with First Robotics later in our second semester.

In November, our performing arts department put on its first play, She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen! Students worked many weeks to learn lines, perfect stage blocking, create and build sets, and make costumes. Our talented cast and crew put on four performances of the production for fellow EF Academy students, faculty, staff, families, and community members.

Our Athletics program has officially launched this semester. This semester, girls’ volleyball, co-ed cross country, boys’ basketball, boys’ soccer, and girls’ basketball teams have made history by being the first members of these teams. Athletics has been an excellent community-building program for our campus. In our spring season, we look forward to watching our first EF Academy boys’ volleyball team, girls’ beach volleyball team, and co-ed badminton team compete.

EF AcademyThe class of 2024 will be our first graduating class at EF Academy Pasadena! Our first senior class has been working hard with their University and Academic Counselors to submit their college applications. Our students and University and Academic Counselors have spent the semester researching the best fit for our seniors, and we have already had some college acceptances! We cannot wait to see where our seniors will choose to continue their academic journeys.

From launching our new signature program, Innovation and Impact, to our first college acceptances in semester 1, we look forward to an eventful and historic second semester at EF Academy Pasadena! We will perform our first musical, compete in our first robotics competition, grow our college acceptance list, and graduate our first senior class!

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