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Go EF Academy! First Fall Sports Season Wraps Up

This week EF Academy wrapped up its first ever fall sports season participating in CIF. Students and coaches have made history by participating in and coaching girls’ volleyball and co-ed cross country running.

On September 13, the EF Academy Pasadena Girls Volleyball team played their first ever league match and continued to grow together as a team throughout the season. With only a week to practice before the season started, the team finished their season strong.

During the first game, students, faculty, staff, and families rallied together to cheer for the team. The school spirit was electric, and all spectators were thrilled to be watching EF Academy school history happen.

“I am thrilled to be a part of our girls’ volleyball team and our growing athletics department in our first year of CIF competition. I am beyond proud of the team and the players for taking on not just the challenge of committing themselves to a competitive team, but also the challenge of establishing the foundation of our athletic culture here at EF Academy. The players deserve so much praise for their courage and dedication, and ultimately, I am honored just to play a small role in this opportunity for our students to learn, develop, and embody our community values out on the court,” says Noah Montgomery, Girls’ Volleyball assistant coach and Biology teacher.

EF Academy’s girls’ and boys’ cross-country team had their first meet in September. Students had been practicing for weeks both on campus, and off campus at the Rose Bowl. The team was excited to compete in their first meet.

The excitement was high in the van on the way to the track meet. Many students experienced running on a cross country team for the first time.

“The first meet was fantastic, and the students were so motivated. They loved being at a different school and experiencing a new environment and meeting students from different schools. They loved having the chance to apply the skills they have been learning in practice. Students are looking forward to working together and showing up more prepared for future meets. They are ready to take on new challenges,” says Brian Wasik, Cross Country coach and Head of Department – World language.

Now that the fall sports season has ended, next week winter sports will begin. Students will have the chance to try out for girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, and boys’ soccer.

EF Academy Pasadena looks forward to the continued growth of athletics on our campus. It’s been a wonderful start with these two teams and everyone is thrilled to watch next season’s sports begin.

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