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Meet the Teachers at Coronado Arts Academy

At Coronado Arts Academy, we’re passionate about music education, mentorship, and investing in our community. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to explore their musical talents and express themselves creatively.

Our experienced instructors provide personalized music lessons that focus on developing fundamental skills and a deep appreciation for music. We believe in the power of mentorship and provide a supportive environment for students to learn and grow under the guidance of skilled musicians. Meet some of those musicians:

KRIS APPLE: Kris is a violinist, composer, performer, and improviser. He provides music, dance accompaniment, and production support to numerous colleges, universities, dance companies, and theater companies. He holds a BM and Master of Art degree from SDSU.

LIONEL BELTRAN: Lionel is a graduate of San Diego State University where he finished Summa Cum Laude in Jazz Performance. He is a composer, arranger, and conductor. He volunteers regularly and believes in the power of giving back to his students and community.

MEGAN NGUYEN: Megan is classically trained and has a BA from UCSD. She’s worked as a performer, session musician, music director, and marketing director. She has worked to increase accessibility to music education throughout Southern California.

SORAYA SHAMS: Soraya is a graduate of Berkeley School of Music. She has studied piano and voice since she was a young child. She speaks four languages and is passionate about teaching and helping students navigate through their own musical journeys.

THOMAS HODGES: Thomas is a passionate remote educator and believes in the power of learning by doing. His musical, Sonata 1962, was part of the 2018 New York Musical Festival and received three awards, including “Outstanding Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations.”

ALISSA MAUSHARDT: Alissa is a graduate of the University of California San Diego where she earned her BA in Music Performance. She is trained in classical and contemporary music. She loves investing in students and performing with her Funk band, FSB-5.

ALEXA BUYSON: Alexa studies music education at Southwestern College in San Diego. She loves investing in her students. When she’s not teaching, she can be found performing Latin Jazz around town with the Los Guidos Ensemble and the Hugo Anche Trio.

Learn more by visiting our website where you can sign up for a lesson and find your perfect teacher.

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