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Coronado Arts Academy – Meet the Founders, Tara and Frank Ralls

At Coronado Arts Academy, we’re passionate about music education, mentorship, and investing in our community. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to explore their musical talents and express themselves creatively. We teach weekly, private music lessons to over 100 students both in-home, online, and at Coronado High School in the CoSA music facilities, we host two recitals per year (participation is voluntary), and we offer unique summer camps in partnership and sponsored by the CoSA Foundation.

We’re all about giving back to our community by collaborating with local schools and organizations to promote music education. Join us on a musical journey that pays it forward!

Meet our founders

FRANK RALLS (co-founder and co-director): Frank writes and produces music for Disney Parks and Sony Music Pub/ATV. He’s a graduate from Lawrence University and believes strongly in paying it forward, which is why he and his wife Tara founded the CAA in 2017.


TARA RALLS  (co-founder and co-director): Tara is an award winning visual and digital artist. She believes in the ability of the arts to bring people together and make a positive difference. This is what inspired her and Frank to launch the CAA.

Learn more by visiting our website where you can sign up for a lesson.

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