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Coronado Businesses Embrace the Halloween Spirit with Costumes and Candy

Patriotic costumes took over the MainStreet Goes Ghostly Booth.

Thousands of children venture to Orange Avenue from far and wide to enjoy Halloween as ‘Mainstreet Goes Ghostly,’ but it is the local businesses and their staff who bring the real spirit of Halloween to Coronado. From the window designs on storefronts to the costumed staff as they share smiles and candy with families on Halloween, Coronado businesses go above and beyond to make Halloween Spooktacular.

Happy families tromp down Orange Avenue.

On this particular day, it is is not only the Coronado Candy Factory that hands out sweets and treats – everyone joins in.

Coronado Pediatric Dentistry Handing out Toothbrushes.
If you have too much candy, go earn some cash from Coronado Pediatric Dentistry.

Coronado Pediatric Dentistry hands out toothbrushes and offers a candy buy back to protect children’s teeth from the abundance of sugar they will have.

Little Frenchie thinks of parents too, offering mimosas.

Little Frenchie offered cocktails to help parents endure the kiddos on sugar highs and walking the crowded streets in costumes.

Even some businesses off the beaten path participated. Garage Buona Forchetta went all out decorating their business and offered free desserts to diners who dressed up.

Water and Sports Physical Therapy staff had fun as the fast food chain icons.

Water and Sports Physical Therapy made their patients laugh as they all wore costumes of different fast food icons.

Mayor Richard Bailey with Elsie Hammond and her furry friend Maverick. (Photo courtesy of Elsie Hammond)

Mayor Bailey made the rounds greeting people, and many locals enjoyed watching the show while dining at outdoor venues.

Like the many traditions celebrated in Coronado, from the Fourth of July festivities to the Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting, Halloween is done right and brings joy (and sweets) to all those that join in the fun.


Jeannie Groeneveld
Jeannie Groeneveld
Jeannie is a retired Naval Aviator and Public Affairs Officer whose post-Navy career includes freelance writing, PR Consulting and a two year stint as the San Diego Padres Military Affairs Advisor. Having been stationed in various parts of the country including Washington D.C., Florida and Hawaii, Jeannie appreciates how amazing the Coronado community is and loves the experience her children have had growing up here. Jeannie earned her BS in Marine Biology from Auburn University, her MS in Global Leadership from the University of San Diego and her MA in Communication and Media Relations at San Diego State University. A life-long learner and avid traveler Jeannie enjoys writing travel pieces, Navy stories and anything else that will broaden her perspective. When she is not working you will find her watching her boys play sports, walking Odin at dog beach, hiking, playing beach volleyball or spending time with the family.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]

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