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Parents Are Thrilled with CAA (Coronado Arts Academy) Music Lessons

“Mason (piano) and Aubrey (violin) started taking in-person lessons with CAA in February of 2020. After only a few lessons, we were forced to move online. Who knew then what a blessing that would be! Through two Navy moves, these music lessons have been one of the few constants in their lives! They have both made progress and look forward to seeing Mr. Kris every week. We are so thankful for CAA!”   ~ Tara (CAA parent)

“Michael is the perfect teacher for the middle school / high school student because not only is he an incredible musician whom my daughter looks up to, but he has that just right mix of teaching and letting Abbie’s interest in songs drive her unique music journey. Poppy loves lessons with Alissa! She bounds up the stairs to greet Alissa at the high school and Alissa always spends extra time with Poppy and is patient and kind to my not yet 8 year old. Music lessons are two things in the hectic weekly schedule that I never have to drag my kids to! They love learning thanks to Coronado Arts Academy!” ~ Meagan (CAA parent and CoSA President)


“Lincoln loves piano with Alissa! She is teaching him that piano can be a creative experience and teaches him music theory through writing his own songs. This has been a great way to explore his imagination and gets him excited to build his songs each week. It’s been the perfect way to teach to his interests and he’s really thriving!” ~ Candace (CAA Parent)


Kianna absolutely adores Ms. Alissa and the speed at which she has picked up the basics over the last two months has been special to see. We are so grateful for Coronado Arts Academy. ~ Thelma (CAA Parent)


“Louis absolutely loves rocking out on his ukulele with his teacher Harley! Each week Louis eagerly anticipates his ukulele lesson both because his love of music and the bond that has developed with his teacher. We couldn’t be happier with the opportunity Louis has to learn an instrument and have such a fun instructor! “ ~ Laura (CAA Parent)

Coronado Arts Academy, established in 2017, offers private music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass, drum, string and winds. Learn more and sign up for a free lesson at

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