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Coronado Lawn Bowling: Representing at World and National Competitions

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Submitted by Robert P. Grobe

Many statements have been made recently about Lawn Bowling in Coronado in local publications and social media. I do not intend to debate the accuracy of the opinions that are being expressed. I want to point out a few facts that are not being mentioned. First, that the City of Coronado and the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club (CLBC) have developed a synergistic relationship in providing opportunities for Citizens to learn to play an ancient and world-wide sport that is, in most cases, new to them.

A few important points in the synergistic relationship mentioned include the following:

  1. The CITY owns and operates the Spreckels Lawn Bowling Green which the CLBC is permitted to use and assist in maintaining.
  2. ONE-HALF (50%) of any and all CLBC membership dues or revenue from CLBC activities shall be and is paid to the CITY for a Turf Replacement fund and/or for facility usage.
  3. In summary, for the years 2010 through 2023, the CLBC has paid the CITY approximately $7,500 annually for a total of approximately $97,500.
  4. Other good news for the City and the CLBC synergy follows. A few years ago, World Bowls Magazine published an article entitled “Coronado, CA:  The Hidden Lawn Bowling Gem.” As a consequence of the article, we have had individual visitors and groups of visitors come to play on the Coronado Green from England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Japan.

But the really good news is about Coronado players who either have or are about to represent Coronado on a National and/or International Level of Lawn Bowling.

Angel Gomez who just graduated from Coronado High School this year was off to represent Coronado in December 2022 at the World Bowls 25 and Under Tournament held in Belfast, Ireland and will return in December 2023 to Scotland to compete again.

Angel and his Pairs Teammate just a couple of weeks ago won a Southwest Division Bowls Tournament that qualifies them to represent Coronado at the U.S. National Championships in November 2023 at Sun City, FL.

Two other people of note competing at the National and/or International level are Joan Robbins and Bill Brault. Both have recently been selected as a members of the U.S. Lawn Bowling Team that will travel to Gold Coast, Australia during August 2023 to compete in the World Bowls Championships (i.e., think World Cup in Soccer).

So, in summary, the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club (CLBC) would like Coronado residents to know that Coronado is being well represented at World and National Lawn Bowling Competitions.

Robert P. Grobe
Former Treasurer (10 years), Vice President, & President
Coronado Lawn Bowling Club


Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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