Sunday, May 26, 2024

Music Lessons on Island – Start with a Free Lesson

Coronado Arts Academy Summer ’23 Recital photo.

Looking for music lessons this fall? The Coronado Arts Academy is here to help you get started with a free lesson. We have 14 qualified instructors that teach piano, voice, drums, guitar, bass, strings, winds, brass, composition and, theory. Music lessons are taught at the Coronado High School (after school hours in the CoSA Music Facilities) and in-home.


The Coronado Arts Academy is passionate about music education, mentorship, and investing in the community. They believe that every student deserves the opportunity to explore their musical talents and express themselves creatively. Their experienced instructors provide personalized music lessons that focus on developing fundamental skills and a deep appreciation for music. They believe in the power of mentorship and provide a supportive environment for students to learn and grow under the guidance of skilled musicians. Plus, they’re all about giving back to the community by collaborating with local schools and organizations to promote music education.


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