Thursday, September 28, 2023

Calling all Junior Chefs, Summer 2023

Cooking Round the World is hosting culinary and cultural educational opportunities in Coronado this summer. With their eight cooking camps, they will share their love for different cultures and diversity with a gastronome twist.  Under the guidance of trained chef-teachers, children ages 6-13 will be able to cook their way to fun each day!

Cooking dishes from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, Food Network stars, Greece, Italy, France and the Philippines, junior chefs will mix and make dishes like Toy Story Pizza Planet Pizza, Butter Beer Pancakes, Greek Spanikopita, French Quiche, German Berry dessert pizza and home-made bread, jam and much, much more. There is even a camp completely dedicated to International Pies where sweet and savory dishes meet.

These hands-on camps know that children are more willing to eat a dish or ingredient that they are unfamiliar with when they are the ones to put it together (and they usually end up loving it!). They will learn to chop, beat, whip and use many other culinary skills required with each recipe. They will develop an understanding of kitchen safety from proper knife use, to preventing burns, to keeping germs away.

Learning the fundamental skill of cooking, campers will find enjoyment and confidence in the kitchen. Jr Chefs will use critical thinking, communication and problem solving to produce their culinary masterpieces each day.

So send your child on “a trip to Hogwarts, the Dark Side of the Galaxy, the Happiest Place on Earth or ‘Round the World” in a cooking camp this summer. Camps are offered at the Coronado Community Center Monday through Friday most weeks between June 20-August 18, 2023.

There is also a Before and After Camp program that can be added onto a cooking camp registration so that children can be at camp from 7 am-6 pm. This is a great opportunity for working parents and for children who like action all day. Open to children ages 6-12, the Before and After Camp staff provide a full day of fun including games, crafts, sports, science activities, cooking, contests and themed activities all in Glorietta Bay Park.

Cooking is a great life skill to master.  For information on or specific dates and themes of the Cooking Round the World Camps and to register, check out the City of Coronado’s website at  or call 619-522-7342.