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Stop the Sewage that Closes the Beaches of Coronado, Silver Strand and Imperial Beach

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Submitted by William Nichols

I am writing to request that we put some effort and resources into stopping the sewage that is closing the beaches of Coronado, the Silver Strand, and Imperial Beach. It is a health emergency. If sewage spewed on our street we would immediately find a way to fix it. This is no different. Please declare this the health emergency that it is.

I realize this is an international problem fraught with international politics, diplomacy, and money. A high hurdle. But the platitude that it is too difficult or it is someone else’s issue is irrelevant.

This a wonderful and beautiful area. Now I find myself discouraging visitors! Not only are people forbidden from going in the ocean, now studies have shown the air coming off the ocean is also polluted with infectious diseases. Maybe we should be forbidding beach walks! That would kill any tourism economy.

I don’t have an answer, but I see a health emergency that can’t wait 5-8 years or more. Even the solutions I read about are only partial and far enough in the future to feel unlikely and unrealistic.

Please sound the alarm at work. Let’s all pitch in and restore our wonderful part of the world. Please check the website and help!

Thank you,
William Nichols

sewage-closures beach sign
Coronado Beach on Memorial Day Weekend 2023. Megan Kitt / The Coronado Times

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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