Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Islander Girls Lacrosse Lose by One with 30 Seconds on the Clock

On Monday, April 24th the Islander girls lacrosse team took on the Cathedral Catholic Dons. This game was intense, stressful, and competitive. It all came down to the wire, and the Dons and beat the Islanders 13-12 in the final minute of the game.

The first half ended with the Dons up 7-5. Going coast to coast on the field was common on both ends. Scoring quick goals, then taking some time on others. The strategy on both sides of the field was countering each other. Any time the Dons would get a good offensive push going, getting close to the net, our defenders were there. One in particular was Marianna Dick. She was covering all the ground and hunting the ball down, not allowing much to get by her.

Marianna Dick

Within the Islanders offense, Sydney Dunn played a crucial part – which is not uncommon. She scored half of the Islanders’ total 12 goals. Sliding through gaps in the defense, shooting with ease, and making amazing passes with great timing.

Sydney Dunn

After the half-time break the Islanders were feeling fresh and ready to fight. However, Cathedral Catholic punched first and scored the first goal of the second half. This was answered by the Islanders scoring three in a row. Two by Sydney and one by Julia Mineo, who had a great game alongside Lauren Hundley – the chemistry between the three of them is unmatched. Many goals are scored because of teamwork they produce.

Lauren Hundley (Left) Julia Mineo (right)

Without a doubt, the Islanders needed to step up and take advantage of the momentum they had. They continued to score and caught up to the Dons. Goals came from Brooklyn Parma, Grace Elardo, and Jordan Peterson – all of whom have the incredible ability to dodge defenders and use speed to get to the goal fast.

Grace Elardo

With the game on the line, tied 12-12, neither team wanted to go into OT. The intensity rose even more and then the Dons scored with just 30 seconds left in the game, giving them the 13-12 lead. The Islanders had one more chance to get the ball, communicate, and try to score. However, it did not end in their favor because the Dons got the ball back and killed the clock.

The Cathedral Catholic Dons won 13-12.

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
Graham Bower is a proud "Navy kid" and a student at CHS, class of 2024. He is a captain of the football team and plays multiple positions, including quarterback. Graham has always had a passion to create and share content, starting in the sixth grade making videos at the skatepark in Naples, Italy. From there, it kicked off and became a huge interest. After taking video production, digital media, and photography classes from 2018-2021, he finally got a professional camera in November of 2021.He started creating sports videos for the school and sharing them on Instagram. Since then, he has continued to create videos not only for many sports and activities, always being open to new ideas and opportunities to grow his experience. Graham plans to study film and photography and play football in college.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]