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“Peru” the Plush Alpaca Finds New Home at Silver Strand Elementary School

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Fair Trade Decor
Fair Trade Décor holiday window display

During the month of December, Coronado’s Fair Trade Décor put Peruvian alpaca wool on display with our holiday window display. With large plush alpacas and tiny plush llamas, we created Santa’s sleigh guided and full of ‘alpaca reindeer.’ Each of the plush animals was made in Peru with super-soft alpaca wool.

As part of the holiday festivities, a raffle was held to give away the 45” tall alpaca.

And the winner is… Sophia Frost, school counselor at Silver Strand Elementary School. Frost was so excited to find out she’d won and shared that her plan was to keep the alpaca in her office at the school as she thought the children would enjoy it.

Sophia Frost, Silver Strand Elementary School counselor, at Fair Trade Décor to pick up her new plush alpaca.

Of course the alpaca needed a name, and what better name than “Peru”? (a little geography lesson is always a good thing!)  Peru is now the mascot of the Connections Room which is the school’s counseling center.

Here is Peru with Silver Strand Elementary’s Anchored for Life students. Frost shared that Peru is very popular and many students find that petting her helps them to feel calm.

Silver Strand Elementary’s Anchored for Life students with “Peru.” Photo courtesy of Sophia Frost.

At Fair Trade Décor, we partner with small businesses that work directly with the artisans in Peru. We all seek to improve the economic lives and relationships between the small producers in South America and their retail counterparts throughout the world by promoting fair trade commerce and intercultural education.

And this isn’t only about the country of Peru. Fair Trade Décor works with artisans around the world. Through vetting by the Fair Trade Federation, we know that the workers are paid fairly, paid on time, work in clean and safe environments, enjoy long-term partnerships to be able to continue their crafts, have time to teach skills to new generations, and enhance the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities.

At Fair Trade Décor Coronado we have also partnered with small businesses based in the United States that are environmentally conscious, women-owned, serve and assist those in need, and give back to various organizations to better the lives of others and the planet.

Small businesses helping other small businesses.

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Miniature llamas made with Peruvian alpaca wool are for sale at Fair Trade Décor.

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