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California Election Results: Who Won? Which Propositions Passed?

After tens of millions of dollars in spending, thousands of door knocks and hundreds of attack ads, voting ended Nov. 8 in California — and the verdict of voters is now rolling in.

Among the seven ballot measures, Californians said yes to enshrining “reproductive freedom” in the state constitution, but rejected pricey campaigns that would have allowed sports betting online and at Native American casinos, as well as a tax on millionaires to combat climate change.

In the vote count thus far, no Republican was winning statewide office — something that last happened in 2006. Will Democrats keep their stranglehold on the Legislature with super-majorities? Will this be the most diverse Legislature ever? Did either party flip congressional seats, and will it matter for overall control of the U.S. House?

In blowouts, projected winners were called soon after the polls closed at 8 p.m. and early voting results were announced. But very close contests may not be decided for days, if not weeks. California now sends mail ballots to all registered voters, and any ballots postmarked by Election Day will still be counted through Nov. 15. That can delay final results, which will be certified in early December.

Thursday, with more than 5.6 million ballots counted in the governor’s race, the secretary of state’s office said that more than 4.8 million ballots still need to be processed.

Find a roundup of key contests with interactive maps at calmatters.org.


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Managing Editor
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