Saturday, December 3, 2022

Chess Moves, Not Valentine Voting

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Submitted by Carolyn Rogerson

There is a big difference between banning books and removing age inappropriate books from a school library. The pornographic and books full of foul language which so many Coronado residents want removed from Coronado school and our public library’s minor children’s book shelves are still available for purchase or free reading on-line.

The Mark Twain books banned by liberals for particular words, disgustingly but historically accurate, don’t seem to concern liberals, when banned. Language most Coronado residents would not want used at their dinner tables is not appropriate for children to read. Why the double standard?

Teaching children to judge everyone they see by the color of their skin is racism. Called by any other name, CRT, SEL, DIE, woke, etc., it is still racism. How do you deal with the confusion this causes in mixed race children? Aren’t those pushing this ideology concerned with their emotional and mental well-being? Stop creating a problem where none need exist.

It appears that recent CA State Legislature bills passed and signed by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom want the State to have the most medical and socialization control over your children. They are your children, not wards of the State.

When we vote, we are not sending Valentines, we are making Chess moves. Choose who you want controlling your city’s zoning rules, density, water quality and, most importantly, controlling the lives of your children. Choose more local control or letting the Democrat led California State Legislature control you. Vote to control your life, your children’s lives and the type of place you choose to live.

Carolyn Rogerson




Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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