Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sharp Coronado Hospital Presentation on Strengthening your Pelvic Floor

Why do you need to hear about this topic? One out of five Americans, both men and women, suffer from some type of pelvic floor dysfunction in their lifetime. The information covered in this presentation can help those struggling with this common issue or help prevent trouble from arising.

Join Sharp Coronado Hospital’s Elissa Salona – Pelvic Floor Therapist, and Jenny Driessen – Pilates/Yoga Instructor, to learn how physical exercises, including Pilates can retain the muscles and enhance pelvic floor strength and awareness, giving you more muscle control and less pain.

The is presentation is at the John D. Spreckels Center, 1019 Seventh St. on Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 3 pm.

To register online, visit https://bit.ly/3H96LIN or call 619-522-7343 for more information.