Monday, September 27, 2021

Public Apology to CUSD Board, board meeting attendees, residents of Coronado and students

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Submitted by Carolyn Rogerson

August 19, 2021

This is my public apology to the CUSD Board, board meeting attendees, residents of Coronado and students.

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My upset behavior and outburst at 8:00 this evening was atrocious. Frustration, grief and fear overcame my better self and for that I sincerely apologize.

Grief at the thought of parents and loved ones being denied knowledge their child is struggling until it is too late. There are children who self-medicate w alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs and engage in dangerous behaviors trying to ease their pain. Pain felt because they feel no one understands. There are children who have placed their trust in an adult authority figure only to find they have been abused by a predator.

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Parents who didn’t suspect the water bottle contained vodka. Didn’t know their child was selling their Aderall to others so they could buy illegal drugs. Not until a knock on the door brings the tragic news there was an accident and… There will have to be a closed casket. How many parents have experienced a future of spoon feeding their once bright, healthy 17 year old because one shot or pill too many destroyed their brains. Yes, I grieve for those families.

I am afraid of consequences if the CUSD Board approves of teachers keeping secrets from parents and guardians. Why can’t everyone on the board address that one simple question?

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Frustration at asking, begging, CUSD Board members if they had read the ADL No Place for Hate Handbook and agree with pages 24 and 25 that teachers are to keep secrets from parents

Frustration that the superintendent can bend and break the, “Board members will not answer questions from public comment speakers or questions asked from ‘the lobby’,” rule when they choose but not others asked in earnest.

I truly apologize for not containing my emotions, my fears and my grief.

Carolyn Rogerson





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