Thursday, June 8, 2023

New Coronado High School Principal Karin Mellina Shares Goals and Advice

Ms. Mellia will be the new CHS Principal.

After an expedited search, the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) announced that Karin Mellina will serve as the new Principal of Coronado High School (CHS) beginning with the 2021-2022 school year.

Following the announcement, Ms. Mellina shared, ”I am so fortunate to be entrusted in taking the helm of CHS and look forward to honoring our traditions and strengthening our Islander community. We have an amazing staff, dedicated and caring teachers, and the best students. I’m thrilled to be an Islander!”

Karin Mellina has been with Coronado Unified School District for 18 years as a Coronado Middle School (CMS) humanities teacher, assistant principal, and principal. Prior to joining CUSD, Ms. Mellina taught in her home state of New Jersey where she earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Masters in Education, and teaching certification. 

Ms. Mellina’s experience in CUSD means she already knows many of the students, teachers, and staff at CHS. She shared her primary goal as the new CHS principal is to build on those relationships by “actively and mindfully listening, learning, and gathering information from students, staff and community voices in order to base decisions on what’s best for students.” She also aspires to make CHS the best high school in San Diego County.

After much debate, CHS will be transitioning to a new 4×4 schedule for the upcoming school year. When asked for her thoughts on the 4×4 schedule, Ms. Mellina shared, “I’m glad that students will have access to an expanded course of study in both the core curricular and elective pathways as well as an opportunity to access more experiences and deepen their scope of knowledge.” Ms. Mellina acknowledged some of the challenges with the new schedule but reaffirmed, “our students are lucky to have great teachers and a supportive staff to guide and champion them.”

In Ms. Mellina’s previous roles at CMS she primarily worked with students aged 11-13. Ms. Mellina recognizes there will be differences working with high school students aged 14-18 and anticipates a “different level of discourse” but also sees the potential “to deepen and widen thoughts and actions.”

Karin Mellina (l), Brooke Falar (r)

CUSD Superintendent Karl Muller recently announced that after meeting with the Coronado Middle School leadership team, current CMS Assistant Principal Brooke Falar has agreed to serve as Interim Principal while CUSD conducts a search for the new CMS Principal.

As CHS looks ahead to the new school year starting August 26, 2021, Ms. Mellina offers advice to, “approach the year with flexibility and an open mind. We have some big changes and initiatives after coming off the heels of a challenging year.” Keeping with her positive and collaborative spirit, Ms. Mellina encourages students to “Keep your head up, look out for one another, don’t be afraid to ask for support when you need it, and know that you are cared for and valued.”

Welcome to the Islander Team Ms. Mellina!


Karin Mellina Celebrated as ACSA Middle School Principal of the Year


Chloe Berk
Chloe Berk
Chloe has called Coronado home since she could walk or talk and considers herself a true Islander. She is currently a student at Coronado High School and a writer for the Islander Times. After studying and writing articles, she enjoys volleyball, the beach, and her newly-adopted dogs from PAWS. Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]