Sunday, August 1, 2021

“Dieting is Fun,” said No One. Ever.

“Dieting is Fun,” said No One. Ever. DietCypher®, a brand-new player in the weight loss field, agrees. A local start-up, DietCypher is on a mission to help people maximize their chances of losing weight by using their own DNA to find the best diet plan.

“The weight loss industry is an 80 billion dollar a year failure for the consumer,” says Dr. Orsolya Palacios, Founder and CEO at DietCypher. “Today, eight out of ten dieters don’t succeed in losing and keeping the weight off, and there’s been little to no innovation in this industry. For decades, weight-loss has been a trial-and-error practice based on cutting total calories. We’re here to change that.”

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DietCypher is the first and only weight loss method that uses a proprietary multi-gene, algorithmic approach to adjust for weight loss predictability. DietCypher’s approach is based on numerous high-quality, scientific studies specifically aimed at addressing the influence of genetics on dieting and weight loss. Research shows that those who follow diets based on certain genetic variations can lose up to twice the weight for the same amount of time and effort, simply by picking the “right” diet. DietCypher specifically looks at those unique genetic variations in an individual and determines which diet works best. Anyone who has done one of the popular genetic services out there (®, 23andMe®, MyHeritage™) can easily access his or her DNA file from that service and simply upload the file to DietCypher’s secure website. Within 2 business days, they get a fully customized diet package report that tells them the best diet to follow, what foods to eat/limit, sample meal plans, etc., all aimed at maximizing their weight loss based on their DNA. Since personal genetics are an integral part of DietCypher, privacy and security are a top priority. Its locations, servers, and applications are all US-based, SSL-secured, and all DNA files are permanently deleted immediately after each customized report is generated and sent to the customer.

Dr. Palacios concludes, “You can drive around for hours trying to find your destination, or you can use a map to get there faster; the same applies for weight loss. DietCypher is your map to guide you towards fast and effective weight loss. If you’re going to commit to dieting, might as well get it right and make the most out of it.”

About DietCypher®
DietCypher is the DNA-based diet program built from studies specifically designed to discover the effect of genetics on weight loss through dieting. By using a two-tiered approach, first by looking at the presence of common genetic variations, and second, by using a proprietary weighted algorithm to assign influence, it quickly predicts which diet will yield the most weight loss for an individual. A science-driven weight loss plan, DietCypher shows you how to get the best possible weight loss for all that hard work.
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