Sunday, August 1, 2021

Recognizing CHS Class of 2021 Tennis Seniors

The 2021 CHS tennis team seniors.

The CHS tennis team completed a successful spring 2021 season with the unique change of combining the boys and girls season. Traditionally girls tennis is a fall sport, while boys tennis is in the spring. This year, the co-ed team played under head coach Rob Smith with assistant coaches Dennis Navarro and Amanda Heinken.

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CHS tennis senior Jolee Barr. (Photo by Joan C. Fahrenthold)

Jolee Barr is a senior and a captain on the CHS tennis team. Jolee shares her tennis talent with her team as a doubles player. She has attended Coronado schools since the 1st grade. She started playing tennis eight years ago. Outside of school, she coaches tennis camps for kids and plays on club teams. Her favorite CHS tennis memory is going to CIF with her doubles partner, Tiana French. She plans to play intramural tennis at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) next year.

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CHS tennis senior Isaac Del Rincon. (Photo by Joan C. Fahrenthold)

Isaac Del Rincon is a captain and the #1 singles player for the CHS tennis team. 

CHS tennis senior Tiana French.

Tiana French contributes to the CHS tennis team as a girls doubles and mixed doubles player. She has lived in Coronado for almost four years, sharing, “I was born in Colorado and lived there for 4 years, then I moved to Mexico and lived there for over 10 years.” She started playing when she was six years old and started competing when she was 9. Tiana’s favorite CHS tennis memory is hanging out with her teammates. She plans on either walking-on to the UC Berkeley tennis team, or joining their club.

Sinaia Haskal
CHS tennis senior Sinaia Haskal. (Photo by Joan C. Fahrenthold)

Sinaia Haskal has been a singles player with the CHS tennis team for all our of her CHS years. She has lived in Coronado since 6th grade, moving here from Carmel Valley. Sinaia has been surrounded by a family of tennis players her whole life. In fact, her aunt is Mexico’s best female tennis player, Angelica Gavaldon. Her favorite CHS tennis memory is just being part of the team. 

CHS tennis senior Lauren Pettit.

Lauren Pettit is also a girls doubles and a mixed doubles player with the CHS tennis team. Lauren has lived in Coronado for 17 years, and has attended Coronado schools since kindergarten. Tennis has been a lifelong love for Lauren as she started playing when she was five years old. Her favorite CHS tennis memory is a bus ride full of fun during her freshman year. Lauren plans to attend the United States Air Force Academy where she might play tennis.

Carlos Solla is a senior on the CHS tennis team. He is planning to attend Pepperdine University this fall.

Marla Steele
CHS tennis senior Marla Steel.

Marla Steel is a team captain and on the #1 doubles team for the Islanders. Marla has lived in Coronado since the sixth grade. She started playing tennis in seventh grade. Her favorite CHS tennis memory is winning the Western League Championships two years in a row. Marla plans to attend Pepperdine University and join the club tennis team this fall.

Jorge Yanez tennis
CHS tennis senior Jorge Yanez. 2019 Photo by Ana de la Lama

Jorge Yanez has lived in Coronado for seven years. This year, he had ACL reconstruction surgery, so he did not play CHS tennis. However, he still attended practices and shared his knowledge of the game with the younger CHS tennis players. Jorge’s past accomplishments with the CHS tennis team include being the #1 singles player for his sophomore and junior years at CHS. He does not have one favorite CHS tennis memory, but rather all the good times he had with his teammates and all the things they accomplished.

Congrats to all the CHS tennis seniors on all they have accomplished this year!


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