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San Diego Native Receives Commanding Officer’s Coin Serving with Naval Engineering Command in Italy

A San Diego native received a Commanding Officer's Coin during an award ceremony held at Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Europe Africa Central (NAVFAC EURAFCENT) in Naples, Italy, May 7.

Brian Tiu, right, receives a Commanding Officer’s Coin from Capt. Jeffrey Kilian, commanding officer of NAVFAC EURAFCENT.

Brian Tiu, a 2002 Bonita Vista High School graduate and 2006 graduate of Cornell University, is a project manager serving with NAVFAC EURAFCENT who received the coin for demonstrating superior initiative and autonomy with all of his duties and responsibilities.

Tiu is an Expeditionary Engineering Business Line Project Manager who dramatically improved Fleet Readiness through direct interaction and consistent communication to Commander Navy Region Europe, Africa and Central Command.

“As a GS-13 Project Manager, I provide technical engineering expertise and facilities construction contract management in support of various infrastructure and support programs across the Europe, Africa, and Central area-of-responsibility,” said Tiu.

Tiu, who recently graduated from a command sponsored leadership development program, has developed new tracking tools and reporting formats that enable the customer to understand the status of all design and construction projects including all Troop Labor/Exercise Related Construction projects.

NAVFAC EURAFCENT manages facility project planning and design, including all related acquisition, construction, leasing, environmental, maintenance, and contingency support required by the Navy and Department of Defense commands where the Navy is designated as the lead agent in Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Gulf of Guinea, Africa, and the Horn of Africa.

“My favorite part about my current command at NAVFAC EURAFCENT, is the critical importance of the projects I support near the front lines of the mission in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and for the people in Africa,” said Tiu. “Being close to where the action is, traveling to see the impacts of the work I do and meet the people aided by the Navy, has provided me great appreciation for the U.S. presence globally.”

Tiu joined the Department of Defense (DOD) 10 years ago as a civilian engineer to gain experience with facilities construction and provide technical support for the various missions and U.S. Navy operations based out of San Diego.

“My service as a civilian has taught me that the Navy is a large family where every role is important and even though I am not a front line sailor or war fighter, my contribution as a civilian is still as critical to the success of the U.S. Navy and our country’s mission globally,” said Tiu.

According to Tiu, the values required to succeed in the Navy are similar to those found in San Diego.

“San Diego is a large U.S. Navy town with several different bases, missions and communities,” said Tiu. “Growing up in such a metropolitan area where large U.S. Navy operations come together, helped me understand how interconnected the DON is and how widespread the impacts of my every day job are to the sailor, war fighter and mission success.”

Though there are many opportunities to earn recognition in a command, community and career, Tiu is most proud of providing humanitarian aid to communities in Africa.

“I am proud to have provided much needed community support and medical services infrastructure buildings to the people of Africa as part of the U.S. Navy Humanitarian Aid (HA) program that had me execute construction projects for hospitals, schools and clinics for the local people,” said Tiu.

As a member of the U.S. Navy, Tiu, as well as others at the command, know they are a part of a service tradition providing unforgettable experiences through leadership development, world affairs and humanitarian assistance. Their efforts will have a lasting effect around the globe and for generations to follow.

“Serving in the U.S. Navy as a federal civilian employee means I represent the people of the U.S. and every sailor and war fighter whenever, I walk onto a construction site to commission and oversee a hospital, school house or library built for the people of Africa and Europe,” added Tiu.


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