Friday, April 16, 2021

Hunger and Unemployment

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Submitted by Carolyn Rogerson

A January 11, 2021 article in The Conversation titled “18 Million US Children are at risk of hunger: How is the problem being addressed and what more can be done?” I encourage everyone to read it. Tragic that so many people of all ages are going hungry in America. Ironic when you realize America ships food all over this world to feed other nations’ hungry populations.

Jackie Speier, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Food Bank in Daly City Jackie Speier, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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The Coronado Times had an article informing readers of the address Governor Gavin Newsom (D) gave regarding his 2021 budget. Also in the Coronado Times was a glowing report from State Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins (D) on her legislative priorities. Neither politico mentioned the hot mess at the California Employment Development Department. As too many hungry Californians are aware, the CA EDD has suspended payments for 1.4 million claimants. The rampant fraud and waste occurring within that state agency is nothing short of criminal. Who is in charge, who should have been overseeing what is going on within that incompetent state agency? The buck stops with the governor. Not paying attention was Governor Newsom’s CA State Legislature.

While so many Californians are denied the opportunity to earn a living at their former places of employment due to Covid-19 lockdowns, our governor and legislature are collecting their salaries and benefits without interruption. And some dining out quite well. In fact, the former CA State Assembly Democrat Majority Whip, Todd Gloria moved on from that decision making position to become Mayor of San Diego in December. During this pandemic, Gloria has accepted a pay raise, as mayor, from $101,000 annually to $206,000. (He and San Diego Council could have deferred until this crisis is over.) How in good conscious these politicos go to bed with full tummies while so many of their constituents are literally starving is unacceptable. Californians are shamefully food deprived because their state’s leaders have apparently been incompetent and unconcerned.

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Governor Newsom’s children will blessedly never know hunger. Atkins and Gloria do not have children to console because they are hungry. Empathize with those parents who do. It would be a lovely gesture of concern and taking responsibility, if the governor and every member of the legislature donated their entire salaries to California food banks until the mess they let happen at the CA EDD is rectified. No salary until CA EDD resumes payments and pays restitution to those who legitimately deserve their unemployment payments. It has been reported it may take a month or more to clean up the fraud laden unemployment rolls. Galling that those getting paid for not doing a good job stewarding taxpayers’ money are still earning their full salaries and benefits.

It is senseless for our state’s leaders to wring their hands over EV, housing, (empty retail shopping centers, as well as the property of those businesses and industries fleeing CA taxes could provide new housing space), opening schools (at the direction of teacher’s unions not science) and further dither and delay over how to dispense vaccines, without addressing the issue of food deprivation and starvation among their constituents. Educators know hungry children do not learn and excel. Starving adults are more likely to fall ill from all flus. Could we all make a few phone calls and send emails to our governor and representatives? Does Mayor Todd Gloria really deserve a 100% pay increase? Ask them all to do the right thing and give of themselves to those they are supposed to be serving.

Carolyn Rogerson

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