Sunday, June 20, 2021

Don’t Miss the 2020 CSF Telethon – Wednesday, May 6 Online

CSF logoDon’t miss the opportunity to connect, support and honor the Coronado community and watch a memorable class of 2020 student tribute during the CSF Telethon May 6th.

Coronado Schools Foundation, along with students, school district staff and local community members are coming together to present the CSF Telethon virtually May 6th from 5-9pm. Don’t miss hearing from Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey and CUSD Superintendent Karl Mueller, or watching Coronado students and teachers face off in game-show style competitions. There will also be special guest appearances throughout the evening and a Senior Tribute to honor the members of the Coronado High School Class of 2020.

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Karl Mueller and school kids
CUSD Superintendent Karl Mueller is surrounded by Coronado school children who have benefited from the many programs funded by Coronado Schools Foundation.

“In these unprecedented times, it is inspiring to witness the creative ways in which we respond to the unexpected school closures” said Mueller. “The Coronado Schools Foundation continues to adjust to meet the immediate needs of our community. Right now, our students are craving connectedness to school and peers and CSF is rising to the challenge by forging ahead with the beloved annual Telethon! While nothing in our new normal is normal, the response from the Coronado Schools Foundation certainly reminds us that in Coronado our commitment to student health, safety, and success is unwavering.”

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A Coronado High School Class of 2020 Senior tribute will be aired during the final hour of the telethon.

Across the nation people have been struggling during these uncertain times; among those feeling a sense of loss and sadness are people who are missing major milestones like the members of Coronado High School Senior Class of 2020. This year Coronado High School ASB President John Shoemaker and Coronado High Senior CSF liaison Kendall Chapko created a Senior Tribute that will air between 8 and 9 pm during the telethon. “We decided to do this tribute because we thought it would be a great way to honor the class of 2020 in these unprecedented times,” said Chapko. “A slideshow also gives us the opportunity to recognize as many seniors as possible. It was really fun to see all of our old memories we’ve made throughout our years in CUSD, and I know our class will be really excited to see this tribute during the Telethon.”

Coronado High School Senior, Lilly Grimes will be one of the student hosts during the broadcast. “In a time of seemingly never-ending distance, bringing our community together for the virtual telethon is so important to me,” said Grimes. “I have found a special interest in the field of arts and sciences, all thanks to the unique ways of learning that CSF has made possible for me and my fellow students. I would love you to join us for the telethon on May 6th!”

Nancy Ratcliffe
Beloved kindergarten teacher Nancy Ratcliffe will be answering phones during this year’s CSF Telethon on May 6th 5-9 pm.

While there will be a phone bank this year, CSF is encouraging those who want to donate to log on to to donate directly to their school of choice. All donors will be announced during the telethon on May 6th. There will also be a phone bank to call in on the evening of the telethon, as well as volunteers like beloved kindergarten teacher Nancy Ratcliffe calling from home, manned by four Coronado volunteers including the beloved kindergarten teacher. “Those of you who were my Radical Rabbits know how important it is to have much needed technology and supplies in the classroom,” notes Ratcliffe. “It’s because of Coronado Schools Foundation and events such as this telethon that enable us to have those essential teaching aids. Please call me or someone else on our telephone bank and pledge a donation, and help us keep Coronado schools among the best in the State of California. Never forget, ‘Once a Radical Rabbit, always a Radical Rabbit.’”

matt heinecke
Matt Heinecke will perform during the CSF Telethon May 6th.

Coronado musician, Matt Heinecke, will also be performing during the telethon. Matt teaches band at the Coronado Schools, his position funded by Coronado Schools Foundation as part of their focus on ensuring the arts is part of school education.

Jeanmarie Bond, CSF president and CEO will be hosting the event live from Coronado High School and will be welcoming zoom guests throughout the broadcast as well as introducing some of the prerecorded segments. The CSF Telethon will be broadcast live and virtually on AT&T Ch 99, Spectrum Ch 19, and During the telethon viewers will be able to call in donations or go online to and choose which school they would like to donate to.



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