COVID-19 in San Diego:
Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

COVID-19 in San Diego: Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)

Tip Big on Big Tip Tuesday – April 7th, 2020

Coronado residents are doing a sterling job of supporting local restaurants and cafes with takeout orders at this most crucial time, so we’d like to offer a big pat on the tummy for that! Next we want to amp up our gratitude to the staff who are so tirelessly sourcing ingredients, cooking them to perfection, taking phone and online orders and serving and delivering meal after meal, night after night, especially when so many of them would rather be tucked in their own homes.

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RJ and Emma at The Henry

You may have observed that even a few dollars extra tip on the check is noticed and appreciated and so we want to challenge you to have a fun splurge with a bumper tip on one special day –   Big Tip Tuesday on April 7th 2020!

NOTE: None of these restaurant-owners, managers or servers knew what we were planning when they posed for these pics, we said we were just doing pics of all the local eateries still serving Coronado!

Alex of Rosemary Trattoria

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This can be absolutely any amount you see fit – you want to order a latte and leave a whopping $5 tip, you’ll be amazed at how good it will make you feel! Perhaps you’re getting a family meal and you all chip in to leave an extra $20 on top. If you’ve got a bit more to spend and want to see them do a double-take at $100, so much the better! There are stories of generous folks digging deep in their wallets at this challenging time and it really is such a lovely, meaningful way to say thank you. 

David, Moira and co-owner Marco at Garage Buona Forchetta

So, how do you pick which restaurant or cafe or coffee cart to treat to your tip? Everyone has their favorite spot on Coronado and often this has as much to do with the service as the food. Each of us at the Chamber can call to mind a special visit to a local restaurant that lingers fondly in our memories – for Executive Director Sue Gillingham it was a first date in a cozy booth at the Brigantine where she “flirted outrageously” with the man who is now her husband (of 39 years!). For Membership Coordinator Rena Clancy it was sipping a mojito on the terrace of Peohe’s, having just signed the paperwork for her new family home in Coronado, moving from snowy Philadelphia – “The sun was shining and the birds were chirping and I felt so alive!” For Communications & Marketing Coordinator Belinda Jones it was the warm welcome her dog Bodie received at Tartine on their very first day as Coronado residents. “Bodie really felt he’d earned the peanut butter treat after a morning of supervising the unpacking!”

Lauren and Erin of Tartine

Which eateries make you smile fondly when you think of them? Is there a server that knows your order, a sunset you’ll treasure forever, a lively debate you had on a sidewalk table, a fit of uncontrollable giggles with your best friends on the happiest of Happy Hours?

If your favorite restaurant isn’t currently open for business, you might have to jump to the next on your list for now but you can always share your story with us by dropping a line to

Island Pasta

Just think of the delight on the server’s face when she or he spies your generosity! In that moment they will feel seen and special and know that you understand the sacrifices they are making to keep our plates laden with goodies.

Saiko Sushi
Mami from Saiko Sushi

Get ready, Big Tip Tuesday is coming – April 7th 2020!

Your Coronado Chamber of Commerce thanks you! View even more smiling servers on the Coronado Chamber Facebook page and @CoronadoChamber on Instagram.

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches
Priscilla and Ayden of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

High Tide

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