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Thursday, April 2, 2020

COVID-19 in San Diego: Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)

Ayurveda: The Health Preventive Medicine You’ve Been Missing

Attend the March 29th event (11a-12:30p) at Coronado Yoga and Wellness Center, 801 Orange Ave. Suite 202. “Lifestyle and Optimal Health” Conference.

Dalia Haas
Dalia Haas:  Yoga instructor, Ayurveda Counselor, Mobility Specialist, Healtherapist and has an MA background in International Relations.

Studies show that heart attacks and obesity kill more people worldwide than car crashes, terror attacks, and Alzheimer’s combined––and the main driver is not a lack of methods. We also have constantly heard that people with chronic diseases are the most vulnerable to get infected with virus. 


Most people understand today that avoiding processed foods, refined sugar, and saturated fats will better support our system, and that exercising, enjoying nature, nonsmoking and reducing stress will keep us healthier. 

However, the glamorized lifestyle of models and celebrities can often get the best of us. Fad diets make us watch our weight with the ebb and flow of the latest trend and effective marketing schemes make us think a magical pill or smoothie is the answer.  

While fads diets may result in fast weight-loss and expensive supplements might give us stronger bodies, it is not always sustainable for long-lasting health benefits.

For those interested in a practice that believes in long-lasting, holistic measures to health, Ayurveda is an approach you’ve been missing. 

Meaning “knowledge of longevity”, Ayurveda believes that each individual is unique and therefore the strategies for long-term success should vary. The balance between the elements and energies that make up our body and the relationship with our environment differs from person to person and so should the remedy. One of the fundamentals of this practice is the undeniable connection between our digestion and a healthy state of mind. Ayurveda, unlike Western medicine, bases its knowledge and treatments on prevention and not on cure after an illness. The two medicines coexist, but they treat the individual differently. 

Ayurveda and Yoga practiced together help our bodies form a healthy and happy relationship with us, know our particular characteristics and use them to balance our strengths and weaknesses. 

On March 29th, we will have a unique opportunity to learn from Dr. Jaygopal “Jay” Parla, a world-renowned speaker and professor of Ayurvedic medicine. He was invited from India to develop the curriculum for the Ayurvedic medicine at the American University of Complementary Medicine and the Southern California University of Health Sciences. 

Now, he’s coming to the Coronado Yoga and Wellness Center, 801 Orange Ave. Suite 202, in Coronado, for the “Lifestyle and Optimal Health” Conference on March 29th from 11 am to 12:30 pm to share his knowledge and wisdom. 

This is not a talk to miss!

Due to the current situation we will limit the attendance in order to care, respect and take care of each other. This is a great opportunity to have a small reunion with people interested in this scientific ancient approach to preventive and long term health.

Please RSVP online to save your space now. Register here and stay in contact for special and further information.

Dr. Jay will give 4 private consultations one-one. Please contact us to make your appointment.

Registration is open, click here to buy tickets.

Dalia Haas:

Dalia Haas is a certified and experienced Yoga instructor, Ayurveda Counselor, Mobility Specialist, Healtherapist and has an MA background in International Relations. She has been teaching in Coronado since 2019. 

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