Sewage Plant Not Good for Community – Attend January 8th Meeting

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Submitted by Ann Wilson

I began hearing bits and pieces about the “Golf Course Modernization Project and Water Reclamation Facility” in recent months, which sounded fairly innocuous to me initially. What negatives could there possibly be about using recycled or reclaimed water to irrigate our golf course and parks, right? Turns out there are significant negative impacts of this proposed facility which is a purple pipe sewage plant, euphemistically being called a water reclamation facility.

I am concerned about the safety of this irrigation water for children and pets, the lack of a full environmental impact report and impact on local wildlife. I am concerned about the disruption to the golf course, bike path and the community. I am concerned about the smell and associated traffic and parking for plant workers and plant operations. I am concerned about marring our beautiful views, enjoyed by residents, walkers, runners, golfers, cyclists, and visitors to Coronado. This proposal, at this exorbitant cost, is not good for our community.

If you have concerns, questions, or just want to learn more, I would strongly encourage you to attend the meeting on January 8th at 5:30 pm, at the golf course Feast and Fareway restaurant, hosted by the city.

Ann Wilson



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