CHS Graduate Inducted into the University of Utah Athletic Hall of Fame

Cindy is second from left. Submitted photo

On September 27, 2019, long-time resident and Coronado High School graduate, Cindy Paul (Havas), was inducted into the University of Utah Athletic Hall of Fame. Cindy’s 1982 gymnastics team at Utah won the first NCAA Gymnastics Championship. This win kicked off a string of four consecutive national championships for Utah Gymnastics (1982-1986).

After graduating from CHS in 1981, Cindy received a four year full-ride scholarship to the University of Utah and has supported the team ever since. The celebration to honor all the team members was held on the University of Utah campus. Many residents of Coronado will remember Cindy and her sister Linda and their late mother Lorraine. Their father, Sydney, retired CDR, USNR, currently lives in Las Vegas. Cindy and her husband Ed Havas live in Salt Lake City. Cindy’s son Dylan is a senior at Arizona State University. Both Cindy and Linda still visit friends and own property in Coronado.


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