To Increase Tourists and Traffic with Another Hotel is an Insult to the Citizens of Coronado

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Submitted by Ann Goodfellow

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I recently attended the meeting sponsored by the Port for the citizens of Coronado. I left very sad. If, for any moment you think this project is only in the early stages, you are very wrong. The Port would not be spending money on displays; planning these meetings, etc., if it were not a DONE deal. There is NO reason to trust the Port. They have done nothing to gain our respect or trust. It is rather insulting for them to assume we are so gullible and yet they KNOW there is nothing we can do.

Do you ever stop to think about the “abusive use of power” that the Port exercises over Coronado and its citizens? Look at the Coronado Yacht Club situation; they control the Coronado Golf Course, just to mention a few. When I voted for mayor and council, I did it in good faith that they would take “stewardship” (protect) of Coronado; its resources and its citizens. I now realize they have NO power in protecting the resources or citizens from the Port and its decisions. Earlier, when I wrote to our Mayor about the situation, his response was that he could not do anything and to contact the Port. That was my first “red flag.” We do not vote for one member of the Port Commission. Sadly, the commissioners didn’t even have the respect or courtesy to come to the meeting. They sent their staff as the “sacrificial lambs.” Sadly, only one member lives in Coronado and so the majority of the committee don’t experience the challenges we face in Coronado.

Coronado citizens have shared our island with the Navy and all the many tourists for years. For the most part, very amicably. Sadly, each year it seems to get more difficult but we all work together to make it work. To blatantly add hotels, etc. to increase people and traffic to an already difficult challenge is an insult to the citizens of Coronado. Our beautiful island (home) is being destroyed. People that don’t even live here are destroying it and we have NO recourse. So…do we just give our island away?


Ann Goodfellow


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