Monday, June 5, 2023

Watercycle Demonstration in the Cays – Only Four Left to Buy

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The watercycle is the newest vehicle to travel over water quickly by pedaling. A chain drive hooks up to an efficient propeller enabling anyone to easily travel greater distances on water. Great for exercise or just to cruise. Since it’s built on a large 12 ½  foot stand up board, it makes it so stable that you won’t fall in and don’t even get wet. No balance or skill required so anyone can do it and on cold days you can wear regular clothes and still go out!

The watercycle was designed to go longer distances quicker, to explore, fish or just exercise, even on windier and colder winter days. The inventor was tired of the crowds and safety issues on the bike paths (and that was before the scooter invasion) and wanted the same bicycling exercise on the peaceful San Diego waterways. You can even ride them on the waves if you are daring enough.

The WaterSpeed Cycle company made this vehicle after building over 18 prototypes and 300 plus hours of testing over four years. They are marine quality vehicles made with corrosion proof aluminum and stainless steel for years of enjoyment, and they all come with a 1 year unconditional warranty.

Hurry, as the stock has dwindled to only four vehicles left; and to make room for the next production run we are discounting these down to only $995!! The SAME PRICE AS JUST A SUP BOARD!! Check us out at or call us at 619-520-3892 or [email protected]. We’ll be in the Coronado Cays at the Grand Caribe Shoreline Park the weekend of June 8th to demo the watercycles between 12p-3p. Give us a call for the exact schedule, as we’d love to meet you at the beach or your dock.  Questions?  Contact:  [email protected]




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