CHS Faculty Basketball Game This Friday: The Greatest Battle in “History”

For the fourth year in a row, the faculty at Coronado High School will be exhibiting their athletic ability on the basketball court. The past three years, English teachers Joshua Chao and Tam Hoang have faced each other as rivals. With Mr. Chao’s bitter defeat last year, the Associated Student Body (ASB) at CHS decided to kindle a new rivalry between the two World History Honors/AP World History teachers.

“We loved seeing Chao and Hoang battle it out as the ‘pro-ballers’ of Coronado High School and this year we thought we would take the battle to the History department,” says ASB Officer Gabs Bassette. “Mr. Aldworth and Mr. Heaphy will battle it out in the greatest battle of ‘History.'”


Mr. Davin Heaphy started teaching at Coronado twenty-four years ago as the world history teacher and was joined eleven years later by Mr. Nathan Aldworth. These two teachers are beloved by the entire student body, as they are known for their comical personalities and animated teaching styles and are often the teachers to welcome freshman students. Last week, they chose their faculty teams as follows:

Once the rosters were decided, both teams got to practicing after school to intimidate the other team. When asked about the other team, Mr. Heaphy said, “Garbage. Garbage truck. Garbage bag. Garbage collection.” With regard to his own team, he said, “Special. Super special. Ultra special. Extremely special. Uber special.”

Mr. Aldworth believes that his team has what it takes to win this ultimate battle: “I’ve got guys that can bang down low. We’re much stronger and bigger than our opponents. We’re quick. We can shoot. And we did not collude to get ourselves on the same team,” as it is suspected that Mr. Chao and Mr. Hoang did. “Other than that, we’re gonna want it more than them.”

Come out this Friday, April 5th, to the CHS Gym at 7:30pm to witness the “Greatest Battle in History!”


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