Free Summer Shuttle Service for Cays

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Submitted by Daron Case

The City Council has a “special meeting” at 2pm tomorrow to accept the Final Feasibility Study Report and move forward on the 30+ Million Dollar sewage plant on the golf course to convert wastewater to purple pipe. The City Council is also pressing full steam ahead on a beautification project to underground utilities in town at an estimated price tag of 175 Million Dollars. These projects, at a combined cost exceeding 200 Million Dollars, are unnecessary, and not fiscally prudent.

Meanwhile, item 10d at the 4pm regular City Council meeting tomorrow is authorization for the free summer shuttle program for summer 2019, however service to the Coronado Cays is not included. Last year free summer shuttle service to the Cays was discontinued due to what Council described as low ridership and therefore a high cost per ride. The cost of the summer shuttle service to Cays in 2017 (the last year the service was provided to Cays) was approximately 9 thousand dollars.

Over 200 residents have signed a petition to bring back free summer shuttle service to the Cays. For a sense of community, and to include the Coronado Cays in a City program that is subsidized in part by Coronado Cays taxpayers, it makes all the sense in the world to include the Coronado Cays in the free summer shuttle program. Ideas have been proposed to modify the routes of the existing MTS buses that should not increase the total cost of the program. Even if there is an increased cost, it would be an excellent use of funds to foster a sense of community, versus disenfranchising the Coronado Cays from a City program if the Cays is intentionally excluded.

You can sign the petition to bring back summer shuttle service to the Cays here:

Daron Case

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