Lead Us Not Into Temptation

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Submitted by Gene Thomas Gomulka

Politicians you elect are killing illegal immigrants and fellow citizens who become addicted to drugs.

When I went through officer training, I was confined to the base for the weekend when, during inspection, it was discover that I failed to fasten the padlock on my roommate’s closet.  The idea was that one should not TEMPT someone (including myself) to do something (e.g., steal) that could get someone into trouble.

If I were to take you to a 10 story building and tell you that you would receive a great reward if you were to jump 4-6 feet to the adjacent building, you might be tempted to take the chance. However, the fact is that a certain number of people will atTEMPT the jump only to fall to their deaths.

Now, if the buildings were 10-15 feet apart, no sane person would atTEMPT the jump.

By not properly securing our southern border, we are tempting thousands of illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and criminals to enter our country illegally.  Many of those immigrants – including young children –  die in the desert or are killed in other ways.

Every illegal immigrant – man, woman and child – that has died in the desert or by other means –  their blood is on the hands of those who oppose fortifying our border that will cost less than one-third of what Americans pay for the healthcare of illegal immigrants annually in our country.

How many criminals atTEMPT to smuggle drugs into our country because WE have made it so easy?  I say “we” because we are the one’s who put politicians into office who oppose border security.

Every family whose son, daughter, or relative ODs on drugs should be able to sue every politician who voted against allocating funds for border security.

And lead us not into TEMPTation, but deliver us from misguided politicians and citizens. Amen.

Gene Thomas Gomulka
356 H Ave

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