Checklist for 92118 Day (09-21-18)

Do’s and Don’ts (92118 Day Event)

Do you really need a checklist for a celebration….well, it can’t hurt right? That being said, here are the Do’s and Don’ts of 92118 Day:

  1. DO wear sunscreen (weather forecasted for 75 degrees…perfect)
  2. DO bring beach chairs, towels, etc. to sit on the beach (limited seating along Ocean Blvd)
  3. DO bring a water bottle (water available at event)
  4. DO bring cash / credit card to purchase event goodies
  5. DO bring ID to access 21+ “Adult Drink Areas”
  6. DO bring something to stay warm after the sun goes down (sunset at approx. 6:47pm)
  7. DO ride (and lock) your bike, walk or get dropped off
  8. DO use the hashtag #92118day when posting photos from event
  9. DO RSVP on FB to help clean up the beach and surrounding blocks the next day (9-22-18)
  10. DO invite your neighbors to join you that day
  11. DO thank all the City, Fire, Police and Volunteers that made this event happen
  1. DO NOT bring your pet.  “Roxy…STAY!”   Pets on leashes can now attend!
  2. DO NOT bring alcohol.  If you want an “adult” drink, buy it at event (must be 21+)
  3. DO NOT smoke or vape at event
  4. DO NOT forget to buy VIP tickets if you want a “VIP” experience
  5. DO NOT forget to clean up after yourself (during and especially after the event is over)
  6. DO NOT miss this once-in-a-lifetime event

More info on this once-in-a-lifetime event:

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