Morning NASNI Traffic Changes

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey announced the following:

In response to the recent morning traffic backups impacting the residential streets surrounding NASNI, Captain Tim Slentz, Commanding Officer of Naval Base Coronado, has announced modifications to the gates, lanes and times to mitigate this impact.

1) Ocean Blvd Gate will be used for inbound traffic only from 5-7am, effectively doubling the queuing capacity.

2) The 3rd Street gate will increase from two to three lanes beginning at 4:30am, instead of 5am, with double check-in personnel working the lanes.

The City and Naval Base Coronado are optimistic these changes will make an immediate impact on traffic congestion around the entry points and we will continue to monitor the traffic queuing.

coronado navy traffic


Source: Mayor Richard Bailey


By Andre Bulber

Image: Wikimedia Commons. By Andre Bulber (Flickr: Coronado Naval Base)

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