Recipe: Linguine & Scampi in a Beautiful Wine and Goat Cheese Sauce

linguine, shrimp scampi, wine & goat cheese sauce

This Scampi dish is perfect for the summer months ahead and only takes minutes to prepare.


Olive Oil and Butter, 1/4 cup each

Fresh Garlic minced (3-4 cloves minced or about two teaspoons of chopped garlic from jar)

Medium Sweet Onion, chopped

Crushed Red Pepper, just a pinch or so depending on your style of heat

Dry White Wine (a little for you and a little for the sauce), about 1/4 cup for sauce 

One Bunch fresh Basil chopped

Goat Cheese (about 1/8 to 1/4 cup)

Large Fresh Shrimp, cleaned, tail on, depending on the amount of people you’re serving (about 20-30 Lg shrimp)

Linguine, one box or fresh 

Fresh Lemon, Sea Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper, season to taste (reserve lemon for garnish)


Prepare your pasta according to directions on the box, make sure you do not overcook, I like mine al dente (tender yet slightly firm in texture), drain and set aside.

Heat pan until hot but not smoking. 

Add Olive Oil and Butter, Garlic, Onion, Crushed Red Pepper and Basil to pan and sauté until the Onion is tender. 

Add your White Wine Shrimp and Goat Cheese, sauté together until Shrimp is just turning pink but do not cook through.

Toss your pasta into the sauce season with salt and pepper to taste and sauté a couple minutes together stiring constantly so that the pasta can absorb the sauce and shrimp are cooked.

Top with fresh chopped parsley. Serve with crushed red pepper, lemon wedges, fresh parmigiano cheese and crusty baguette.


linguine, shrimp scampi, wine & goat cheese sauce

You may substitute prawns for chicken, fish or a variety of seafood


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