Monday, June 5, 2023

Celebrating the Arts at Christ Church Day School

A priority at Christ Church Day School is to provide all students with opportunities to express themselves musically and artistically and experience the joys of learning a foreign language. Studies have shown that children who have involvement with the arts will make gains in math, reading, and critical thinking, as well as improve their motivation and concentration, and build their confidence. This is true at CCDS where students are engaged with the arts in both focused music and art classes as well as their daily academic subjects.

Music at Christ Church Day School

Twice a week CCDS students gather with our music teacher to sing songs, learn and work with different rhythms, play instruments such as recorders, hand bells and rhythm instruments, and learn about famous composers and their work. The entire school sings patriotic songs around the flagpole, and we have two performances during the year where the students showcase their learning. It is a fun and engaging class where all students leave with smiles on their faces!

Art at Christ Church Day School

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer our students access to an art program that incorporates art history and hands on activities using many different art mediums. Students at all levels can be found using pastels to draw skylines, yarns for weavings that tie into the Mayan unit, various materials to create collages, and wire or clay to make sculptures! The class is exciting and thoroughly enjoyed by the students. In the spring, we display their work in an unbelievable Art Show that is open to the public, as well as our school and church families. It is a must see!

Spanish at Christ Church Day School

Young students are very receptive to learning a new language, and we promote this starting with our youngest Junior Kindergarten pupils. Three times a week, our students can be found singing songs in Spanish, writing and performing skits using their newly acquired vocabulary, reading novels in Spanish and participating in group discussions, and practicing their communication at school stores or community spaces where Spanish is required. We are very fortunate to give out students this foundation, and they truly enjoy this opportunity.

If you are interested in joining our Christ Church Day School family and the many opportunities for the students to be creative, please call the school at 619.435.6393 or visit out website at