Effectively Take Charge of Climate Change Issues

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Submitted by Morgan McCue

Reference: Port and Navy Partner on Sea Level Rise Preparation; First of its Kind Agreement on the West Coast

The partnership made between the Port of San Diego and the U.S. Navy in regard to rising sea levels, exemplifies the type of agreements needed to effectively take charge of climate change issues. While sea levels rise, its potential impacts especially among coastal cities are generally the main focal points of biggest concern. To really make a difference, it takes some of the largest stakeholders to come together and collaborate on these types of issues. These authoritative roles are what is needed to not only establish solutions for these prospective threats, but to ultimately create a building block for collective change.

To create this type of change, powerful entities must first be made aware of the issues that are at stake. Citizens’ Climate Lobby gives voice to the everyday citizen and urges the political world to take note of such climate related issues. By letting your voice be heard, writing letters to your members of congress and informing them of apparent concerns, it pushes them to take action; whether that be joining the Climate Solutions Caucus or partnering with another powerhouse to ensure future security.

The collaboration of the Port of San Diego and the U.S. Navy in planning for the impacts of sea level rises, is a monumental step in the right direction. The first step however, was making sure they were aware that these issues were occurring in the first place.

Morgan McCue, Assistant to the President
Citizens’ Climate Lobby

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