Beauty and Belly Laughs on Earth Day at the Flower Show

While many people who live in Coronado have been to the annual Coronado Flower Show, for others, like me, this year was a first. I love flowers, books, and humor; the Flower Show hit a home run for me.

On Saturday morning, I made my way to the Friends of The Library annual book fair, their largest annual fundraiser held concurrently with the Flower Show. Hundreds and hundreds of books carefully sorted and displayed. I spent much of my time sorting through business and biographies watching others dig through boxes of everything from DVDs, CDs, books on tape/CD, fiction, non-fiction and even a children’s section. Little did I know there was a collectibles section. I learned of it when I overheard someone speak of a first edition signed copy of…I missed the title, but it went for $300.00! And I am certain whoever paid that is thrilled to have been the one to swoop in on it. I definitely did not come home empty-handed and will no doubt donate them back or put them in a little library around town when I am finished with them. City Councilman Bill Sandke was manning the exit as I left and showed him my receipt, just like Costco only he kept the receipts.

ruffled roseOn Sunday my daughter and I attended the Flower Show. She was enthralled with the different varieties and names of the roses. She saw winners in the three rose groups, a rose with only five petals “Altissimo” and a blue ribbon, and a rose with petals that looked like ruffles. From tiny roses, to rock roses, climbing roses to cluster roses, they were all to be seen and smelled. Roses weren’t the only beauty to steal the show though. We enjoyed varieties of orchids and succulents and the artistry of the floral arrangements in shadow boxes and the table design contest. In both the shadow box booth and the table arrangements, we cast votes for our favorites. Talent and flowers combined, it was enchanting, beautiful and fun.floral shadow box

And then…

In dropped the humor as we approached a booth with a sign “MAN UP! Grow a Pear” flanked by a warning sign which read, “This tent contains humor related to the innerworkings of the male mind. Do Not Enter if you find political satire or male quirkiness offensive.” I was all in! And I experienced a whole new level of intricate works I never expected to see which were clearly very well thought out and time-consumingly assembled. Absolutely hysterical. This was the Men’s Booth and it was great!

chickens and eggsThere was live entertainment with a brass ensemble band, a children’s art and play area, floral photography, some five-week-old chickens and fresh eggs, a Coronado themed gift booth, and a beer garden. Although I did not seen any Busch bushes there. All in all, it was a beautiful sunny day for a wonderful family event offering something for everyone on the weekend of Earth Day.

For additional information or to join the Coronado Floral Association, visit the Coronado Flower Show website.

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Chris is a native San Diegan who has had business ties to Coronado from when the bridge still had a toll. She vowed to herself one day she would make the island her home. Chris has been an entrepreneur for over two decades as a business owner and business/life strategist and coach. Her work has been seen in magazines, blogs, The Seattle Times and The Huffington Post.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: